LEÆTHER STRIP is the solo-project of the legendary Danish electronic musician Claus Larsen. First signed by the German Electro Label Zoth Ommog in 1989, this industrial act quickly built a buzz as one of the most exciting emerging acts in Europe in the early 90's. While being a big inspiration to many of today’s younger acts in the subculture, Leæther Strip is still one of the most prolific producers and active international live acts. Claus is known for very uptempo energetic sets including classic hits like "Strap Me Down", "Don’t Tame Your Soul" and unique covers of Depeche Mode, Judas Priest, Soft Cell, Front 242, Ministry, Talk Talk, Lords of Acid, Yazoo, and many classic 80’s synthpop artists.

After the success of the "Back To Industry" in 2021, LEÆTHER STRIP is back March 1st with Last Station an all new full release album of original material dedicated to John Rasmussen and released in Kurt’s (Claus’ late husband) memory.

Cervello Elettronico is the "electric brain" child of industrial techno producer David Christian, who has made a name for himself with numerous international DJ sets and live performances. The project's unique sound is deeply rooted in sample based music and has explored different influences through the years such as EBM, Rhythmic Noise, and more recently Industrial Techno

The project's inception in 2004 contributed to a new underground industrial scene that was brewing in New York City.  After relocating to the west coat, Cervello Elettronico now maintains a bimonthly DJ residency at Distorted Disco, an industrial techno party hosted in several locations in Los Angeles. Highly praised releases have been put out by Rustblade, Industrial Strength, and German experimental label HANDS. 

Mono No Aware (power noise/industrial project based in Germany) emerged at the end of 1995 from the creative nucleus of Kaanbalik as an opportunity for the only permanent member Leif Künzel to freely explore new paths with electronic sounds. 

  Although a tape with the title "Veitstanz und Zuckungen" was distributed among friends at the beginning of 1996, it was more about experimenting itself and so it took 3-4 years in which the idea for Mono no Aware could mature. 

In 1999, the first live performance and the support of long-time musical partner Stefan Böhm marked the beginning of a new phase for Mono no Aware. A year later, the opportunity arose to release a CD on Hands Productions, which was released in 2000 as "Kitanai Yatsu". The collaboration with Stefan Böhm extended to two more releases until the end of 2002. Leif toured the US in 2005, has performed at Maschinenfest, and is still very active playing festivals such as Wave Gotik Treffen and Forms of HANDS

A total of 11 releases have been released to date, all from Hands Productions. The most recent, the new album "Koritsu" saw the light of day in April 2023 with new tracks included in upcoming Mono no Aware live shows.