If Autechre and Aphex Twin are considered the grandfathers of IDM then it's fair to declare Daniel Myer a pioneer for Intelligent Industrial dance music. From the 90s' until present, he has been one of the most prolific musicians in the studio and on the road. Daniel's roots were solidified as a techno DJ in Germany early on, but it was Skinny Puppy's influence that contributed to the formation of Haujobb (his most notable project). 


Formed in 1992, one of the most well received credible underground dark electronic bands in the history of the genre consisted of Daniel Myer, Dejan Samardzic, and Bjorn Junemann. Right from the start their iconic debut, Homes and Gardens(on legendary Off Beat label), challenged the status quo which at the time was heavily NIN inspired and guitar driven rock infused industrial. From then until now Haujobb has incorporated a mix of different electronic music styles but with it's own innovative identity. There has been much buzz lately about a new release dropping in the coming year. Let's hope the rumors are true.


At the turn of the last millennium, Architect was born out of Daniel's experimentation with ambient and Drum & Bass sounds. It found a suitable home at legendary German noise label Ant-Zen/Hymen. In 2010 Recoil (the personal project of Depeche Mode's Alan Wilder) released "Want - (The Architect Mixes) on digital format. It was met with positive criticism and new audience that heard a fresh new take on the selection from 2000's Recoil Liquid LP.


Liebnecht is described as being "on the edge between old school electro and club culture". It's another alias of Mr Myer which brings his signature sound to contemporary dance floors mixing techno soundscapes and progressive structures. Liebknecht's Tracks released on Lenny Dee's techno imprint (Hard Electronic) has been getting support from Thomas P Heckmann, Black Asteroid, Terence Fixmer, Aquarian & Deapmash, Rebekah, Alessandro Adriani, Philipp Strobel, JoeFarr, The Hacker, Workerpoor & David Carretta. The most recent release is a Remix for Thomas P Heckmanns new 12" Release The Pain" Liebknecht toured North America and Europe in 2019 with legendary Nitzer Ebb.


DSTR melds classic and contemporary EBM with a local industrial house band feel demonstrating versatility on covers of some scene club hits from The Sisters of Mercy and X Mark's the Pedwalk. This is one of the funnest and most musically accessible of all the musical acts from Daniel. Other members include Rinaldo Bite, Sebastian Ullmann, and some various other players live. Some unreleased material has been trickling out this year and hopefully another EP or LP will the future.


Besides being a prolific with his own projects in the studio, Daniel has managed to support some of the biggest acts in the Industrial scene. He is currently a member for Covenant and contributed musically to their most recent releases. Dark electronic music fans can continue to expect lots more to come from Mr Myer in the coming year with new tour dates around the world.